Welcome to Neunkirchen. Saarland´s second largest City.

You are welcome in Neunkirchen - whether you want to go shopping, experience our industrial heritage, visit our top-notch zoo or be thrilled by our unique cultural events!

Neunkirchen has been shaped by Germany´s historic strength in heavy industry which, unlike most other cities, has barely changed in the last 30 years. This county seat is a classic example of a successful structural transformation of one of Germany´s most famous mining districts. This former industrial city is now the shopping and service metropolis of the eastern Saarland, less than 30 minutes west of Ramstein Air Base.

Shopper`s city

Right in the middle of Neunkirchen, you'll find Saarland`s biggest shopping center with an American-style mall that is home to over 120 stores and shops. Right next to the shopping mall is a pedestrian zone which has a broad spectrum of specialty stores along the Bliespromenade (Blies Promenade), Bahnhofstraße and Hüttenberg. Rounding out this unique shopping experience are the adjacent Stummplatz (Stumm Square) and the Lübbener Platz (Lübbener Square). Stummplatz is the central meeting point in Neunkirchen. Numerous restaurants, cafes and bistros in the center of and around Stummplatz provide for a tempting variety of gastronomic delights. Outdoor cafes are there for your enjoyment and relaxation, along with street stands offering an array of the typical wares Americans have come to love in Germany.

Zoo city

Neunkirchen zoo, nestled into a beautiful forest, has over 200.000 visitors per year, one of the main attractions in Saarland. It is home to over 500 species of about 140 different types of animals. The elephant training show, as well as the feeding of the seals and the Falconry flying show are a must see. Our zoo is loved by all children. There is a large children`s playground, petting zoo and special food for kids! Of course, we can also organize a tour of the zoo for you and your friends! An incredibly great zoo in the middle of nature! For more information, call (06821) 913 633 or visit

Iron works city

In the so-called "Altes Hütten Areal" abbreviated to AHA, you can experience the modern history of iron factories and the associated iron heritage of Neunkirchen walking along the Hüttenweg, or learning about unique aspects of this culture in the Stummschen Reithalle (a Reithalle is an indoor riding arena) and the Neue Gebläsehalle (the new steel works).

Leisure city

We offer specially marked hiking paths at all levels of difficulty. Hiking in our Kasbruchtal ("Kas Valley Fault Line") on the trail of the Romans and Celts or along the industrial heritage culture on the Grubenwegen ("Iron Pit Path") or the Hüttenweg ("Iron works path"). There are bike paths, and Nordic walking courses are also available for your enjoyment. On top of that, we have outdoor swimming pools; there is fishing, riding, minigolf and "boules." ("Boules" in French or "Boccia" in Italian refers to the sport where you throw a heavy ball along the ground, trying to hit or come as close as possible to a smaller ball)

Feel-good city

Feel at ease while eating and drinking. Decide where you want to go to: a bistro or cafe in the city, a beer garden in Gutsweiher in Furpach, gourmet dining in Kohlhof, or American, Spanish or regional German cuisine in the Wasserturm ("Water Tower"). Rejuvenating and relaxing. You will love Neunkirchen!

City of culture

Neunkirchen is the only city in southern Germany that every summer offers own musical events. We are moving forward into the world of culture! We are proud of being awarded the "Günter Rohrbach Film Award" - in 2021 for the 11th time - for outstanding production in cinema. With our Neue Gebläsehalle ("blower hall"), which is one of the best locations for events in Saarland, Neunkirchen now has a real magnet for visitors interested in cultural attractions. Whether it relates to musicals, shows or concerts. - Neunkirchen offers a program with you and your family in mind!

City of parks and parking

There are over 3.000 parking spots available right in the city. Whatever you might want to do, it won't take more than three minutes to find a parking place. The lit parking signs, which show exactly where parking spaces are available, are easy to see and use. And if you just want to find a place to "park your soul," visit one of our numerous nature parks from Grünzug Wagwiesental, to the Hüttenpark with old industrial machine parts to Gutspark with ponds in Furpach.

The county seat of Neunkirchen has developed considerably in recent years and is doing everything possible to make sure this positive trend continues. Right in the center of the city, the Holiday Inn Express on the Spitzbunker is yet another lively element found in the wonderful city of Neunkirchen!

This is what Neunkirchen does for you! "The city to live in" is living up to its reputation!

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